How to make an f hole rubbing

Tape a sheet of white printer paper over your left f hole (instument facing you). You only need to make a rubbing of one f hole, as it is a simple matter for me to flip the outline over to make the other one.

It's advisable to use a low-tack tape, as some tapes with a strong adhesive may harm the finish of your instrument when removed.

Take a medium pencil HB in the UK 1 or 2 in the US, and just rub it accross your f hole at a shallow angle (as shown). You will feel the tip of the pencil catching on the edge of the hole, please pay attention to the small v shaped nicks at the centre of the f if you have them, and after completing your rubbing look closely around the whole outline to ensure it is clear and continuous, without any parts where I would have to guess where the outline is. It is very important to make sure the whole outline is clear.

And that's it, just pop your rubbing along with a filled in copy of the order form in an envelope, and post it to me.

Please note: I have noticed that some double bass f-holes are very narrow at the top and/or bottom of the f, if yours are like this, please get in touch before sending your rubbing.

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